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$695 Basic Cremation
Special Online Pricing 

Our basic cremation package includes:

  • The minimum services of the Funeral Director, such as:
    • Coordinating with the doctor or medical examiner if required
    • Communications with the responsible parties
    • Preparing the death certificate and permits
  • Transferring your loved one to our mortuary
  • 4 days refrigeration (if needed)
  • A cremation container made of approved material, in which the body is placed for cremation
  • Temporary Urn for cremated remains
  • The cremation itself
  • Cremated remains prepared for pick-up by an authorized person at our location 
  • This offer only applies when arranged online

This special internet offer for a $695 basic direct cremation service is only available when arranged online using the forms below.   This expedites the process, allowing us to provide this service at a discounted price.

This offer is also only applicable for at need services and to those who pay by cash or local verifiable check or cashier's check and money order.  Credit Card payments, if necessary, will be an additional 5%.

If you have further questions, please phone our office during business hours 9 am - 4 pm Monday thru Friday.

Arrange Online Below

Step 1) Cremation Arrangement Form
Our charge for basic online arranged cremation is dependent on where the deceased is located when transfered into our care.
First Middle and Last Name
Month, Day, Year
Deceased's SSN
City and State
Physical Address
Usual Occupation prior to retirement or disability
Ex. Medical, Retail, Construction
Age at last birthday
Month, Day, Year
Facility Name or Address of Home
Maiden Name if Wife
Ex. Black, White, Asian, Filipino
Name of Next of Kin
Next of kin, i.e. spouse, children, siblings. Please see right of dispostion on this page for more information.
If more than one next of kin exist, please list in this box.
Please select the number of certified death certificates you will need. The cost will be added to the total of your final statement of goods and services we provide.

Step 2) Cremation Authorization

Download the PDF of the Cremation Authorization, fill it out, print. Bring this with you when you meet with our funeral director or if necessary, fax to 501-742-3622, email to .

Cremation Authorization

Click on the graphic on the left to download the file.

If you cannot print the above form, you must execute this form using email and internet access via DocuSign.

Step 3) Enter the Obituary

Please type your loved one's obituary in this box. We post this at no cost to our website and facebook. We will then submit to (2 max) local newspapers you request, and will add those charges to your bill with us.
Ex. Daily Citizen; Arkansas Democrat Gazette; etc...
Please enter any special notes or comments in regards to this arrangement. Please note if there are more than one legal next of kin, each may need to execute the cremation authorization form, or sign and notarize a statement releasing their right of disposition of the deceased.

Thank You 

Once you have completed the form above, a director will be in contact with you to discuss a time for you to come to our office to sign the final Statement of Funeral Goods and Services, and to complete payment for services.

Right of Disposition

(1) The right to control the disposition of the remains of a deceased person, the location, manner, and conditions of disposition, and arrangements for funeral goods and services to be provided vests in the following in the order named, provided such person is eighteen (18) years of age or older and is of sound mind: 

(A) First, if the decedent died while serving in any branch of the armed forces of the United States, the National Guard, or a reserve component of the armed forces, the decisions regarding the final disposition for the decedent shall be made by the person authorized to direct disposition on the DD Form 93 completed by the decedent prior to death;

(B) Second, a person appointed by the decedent in the decedent's declaration of final disposition executed before his or her death, in accordance with this section;

(C) Third, the surviving spouse;

(D) Fourth, the sole surviving child of the decedent or if there is more than one (1) child of the decedent, the majority of the surviving children;

(E) (i) Fifth, the surviving parent or parents of the decedent. (ii) If one (1) of the surviving parents is absent, the remaining parent shall be vested with the rights and duties of this section after reasonable efforts have been unsuccessful in locating the absent surviving parent;

(F) Sixth, the surviving brother or sister of the decedent or if there is more than one (1) sibling of the decedent, the majority of the surviving siblings;

(G) Seventh, the surviving grandparent of the decedent or if there is more than one (1) surviving grandparent, the majority of the grandparents;

(H) Eighth, the surviving grandchild of the decedent or if there is more than one (1) surviving grandchild, the majority of the grandchildren;

(I) Ninth, the guardian of the person of the decedent at the time of the decedent's death, if one had been appointed;

(J) (i) Tenth, the person in the classes of the next degree of kinship, in descending order, under the laws of descent and distribution to inherit the estate of the decedent. (ii) If there is more than one (1) person of the same degree, any person of that degree may exercise the right of disposition;

(K) Eleventh, any representative of state government or a political subdivision thereof that has the statutory obligation to provide for the disposition of the remains of the decedent, including but not limited to any entity authorized to take possession of the remains under ยง 20-17-701 et seq.; and

(L) In the absence of any person under this subsection, any other person willing to assume the responsibilities to act and arrange the final disposition of the decedent's remains, including without limitation the personal representative of the decedent's estate or the funeral director with custody of the body, after attesting in writing that a good faith effort has been made to no avail to contact the individuals under this subsection. 

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